Permanent Hair Removal

Safe for all ages, hair colours and skin tones. Hair reduction from your first session.
Buy 4 get 1 FREE – Offer available for the following treatment areas: 3/4 legs, bikini or underarms

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The newly improved Epilfree formula is part of a comprehensive treatment which inhibits and slows down the regrowth of unwanted body hair.

The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique scientifically formulated combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) that inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair.

This revolutionary Permanent Hair Reduction Solution works in conjunction with a regular wax routine and is applied post epilation (wax) to the treated (waxed) area. It combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations and excessive costs.


Epilfree was created by Yoel Konis , a PhD in cosmetic chemistry in 2008. He used the intelligence of plant and herb extracts like Lady’s Mantle and Eucalyptus to slow down the hair growth process on a permanent level.

Because the Epilfree solution goes to work on empty hair follicle at the dermal layer of the skin, it is effective no matter what skin type or hair type it is. If the hair is removed from the root, Epilfree will go to work and stunt the cell division process thus slowing down the growth process.

The effects of Epilfree can be seen most times after the 1 st treatment but it could take up to 12 treatments to see maximum results.


Epilfree is the only permanent hair reduction solution that is safe and effective to use on all skin and hair types. Because the Epilfree system works in conjunction with a regular salon-based wax treatment, it’s also pain-free and more accessible to the end user. No machinery. No massive set up costs to business owners. No intensive training or operating procedures. No pain. Just results.

In South Africa alone our business has expanded to hundreds of salons and spas offering the Epilfree solution and we’re still growing. It’s a phenomenon that will continue to grow and the results speak continue to bear testament to this end.

“The formula I prepared is based on long term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease. I discovered some that are very effective in the healing the skin diseases which cause uncontrollable cell division. One of the solutions found was Alcanilia Vulgaris also named “Ladies Mantle”. This plant is known as a natural preservative which slows the cell division process. There are a few other plants and herbs that soften and preserve the skin keeping it in good condition. Interestingly, one of the side effects when testing the ingredients chosen for the healing of skin disease was that the hair in the treated area didn’t grow back.
Hence, the Epilfree treatment was developed as a new alternative to the other methods for removing unwanted hair for the long term”


Epilfree, a pain-free natural way of reducing hair on your body. Whereas laser hair removal and other methods can be painful, doesn’t work on all skin types this method has many limitations.

Limitations of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal depends on a number of factors that affect its effectiveness. As the treatment depends on the difference in colour between skin and hair, the best candidates have light skin and dark hair.

As laser/IPL utilize light to generate the heat, the skin becomes sensitive to ultraviolet light and is not recommended to expose the treated area to the sun during the months of treatment.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is highly dependent upon the skill of the operator, the quality of the machine and the power settings used. It is only effective when sufficient temperatures are reached at the bottom of the follicle, which requires a higher power setting and often results in greater pain for the client. Reducing the power to minimize the pain may make the treatment ineffective and is one of the primary reasons for the regrowth of hair after laser treatments.

Laser hair removal side effects

Those with dark skin or blonde, red, grey or white hair are not ideal candidates and risk ineffective treatments and even burning or scarring. Another of the laser hair removal side effects is UV sensitivity, which is caused by the light from the machine on the skin during the treatment.


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