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Exilis Breast Lift

What if there is a safer way to lift up your breast without having a surgery? With “Exilis Breast Lift” we can help you to boost your confidence and self-esteem with non-surgical breast lift method.

About the treatment?

The only other apparent option one can think of is a surgical breast lift that definitely gives the most drastic results. However, if the thought of going under the knife makes you a little woozy, there is a remarkable non-invasive pain-free option available as well – the Exilis Elite uses mono-polar radio frequency to generate heat within your breast tissue. This heat tightens and builds up the collagen in the loose skin of the breast making it look firmer. It also helps tighten the supporting ligaments present in breast tissue, which gives you an overall lift. And guess what – there are no side effects that come hand in hand with a surgical breast lift– no pain, no anesthesia, no cuts, no scars, no infections! You will definitely be happy with the results.

BTL Exilis Elite is a unique device for tightening as it combines two modalities — radiofrequency and ultrasound — to penetrate heat more deeply into the skin, lifting both deep and superficial tissue. The end result is that of a lifted, contoured, and voluminous breast, but also one that is less crepe (much more smooth).

So walk tall, be confident about your body, because you look beautiful.

how many treatments?

Of course, everyone is different, and no one rule applies to all, but in general, most people begin to see a measurable difference after only 3 or 4 weekly visits and see excellent results after only five treatment sessions.

Just how soon results can be expected for patients may be initially observed quite quickly, with the final result even more visible after the third week after the final session.

are there any risks?

Since the procedure is performed in a non-invasive manner, risks and hazards related to skin tightening are eliminated or significantly reduced. There may be some minor discomfort after this medical procedure, but they usually subside quite rapidly.

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