Meline Peel

Meline Pigmentation Peel

Me-line is a treatment formed explicitly for patients that suffer from melasma, hormonal pigmentation and sun damage. Melasma is a complicated type of pigmentation to reduce and repair. This specially formulated peel targets the pigmentation deep in the dermis where it sits.

The meline procudure

Please note Homecare is Compulsory

  • Prior To Treatment
    A consultation is done where the Me-peel will be recommended as the option for you due to your specific type of pigmentation.You will be required to have zero sun exposure after at all.the process of the peeling will be made aware to you before the procedure begins.The use of retinols of glycholic acids are not to be used before for 2 weeks and after treatment has fully finished.Your practitioner will advise you.
  • Treatment
    After a cleanse of your skin, the Me-line peel will be introduced on your skin, where it will be left for 15-30 minutes, depending on what session you are having. After that time has passed, a second layer will be applied, often on the entire face or on the areas of deep concern. The product will be removed before you leave, and specific advice will be given in aftercare.
  • What To Expect
    The peel may tingle once on, but this is generally mild. The number of sessions required will be advised for you on the day of treatment. Your skin may peel after three days, but this is not of concern if there is no peeling as everybody’s skin reacts differently. You will need to schedule appropriately to accommodate for the downtime.
  • After Treatment
    You will be advised that you will be red and feel warm to the touch for a few days; also, your skin may peel, so your diary will need to be scheduled for the downtime of this skin peel. You may see a reduction in the pigmentation after 2-4 weeks after the skin cells have turned over ad removed some of the pigment. The Pigmentation generally will get darker before it gets better.
How long is the downtime for the Meline?

Usually between 5 and 7 days

Will I physically peel after the treatment?

Yes, by day 3, you will usually notice areas starting to peel.

How many Meline peels do i need?

A course of 2-3 is required and recommended in the winter months to ensure no further damage is caused in the summer months. With any pigmentation, we can reduce how it looks on the surface and slow down the process of how dark it gets.

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