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Dr Gobac Biorestore Needle-Free

DR GOBAC® BIORESTORE NEEDLE-FREE the modern treatment of choice for anti-ageing benefits:


This Scientifically Advanced Transdermal Serum contains dermo-intelligent compounds and stem cell activators which increase the production of youth-enhancing collagen and elastin, visibly volumizing facial features within just 14 days. The perfect non-surgical solution by DR GOBAC®

Size: 10ml


Clinical trials prove that in just 14 days:

Elasticity improves by 11%; Skin Strength improves by 6%; Wrinkle Depth reduces by over 15%

  • Repairs Damaged Skin Structure . . .
  • Restores Skin Smoothness . . .
  • Restructures Mature Skin . . .
  • Replenishes Volume of the skin matrix. . .
  • 100% non-irritant; 100% non-sensitizing; 100% risk free – no granulation

How to use:
Apply a small amount of BIORESTORE NEEDLE-FREE cream over the face and neck area, targeting deep wrinkles, dark circles, discolorations or any other imperfections in need of special attention. For maximum effect start with DR GOBAC REGENERATING SERUM or VITAMIN A SERUM, followed by BIORESTORE NEEDLE-FREE and finish with DAY BALANCE CREAM or NIGHT LIFT.


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