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Collagen 360 Essence

Enriched marine collagen serum designed to reactivate vital functions of the skin by stimulating skin restoration at a cellular lever. Indicated to treat wrinkles and the loss of skin firmness. As a result, skin recovers its vitality and elasticity, pores close and wrinkles smooth out. It’s light in texture and rapidly absorbed by the skin, leaving an immediate velvety finish.

Size: 30ml


It is presented in individual ampoules that contain the optimum amount of ingredients for each application. Its dark glass format, packaged in a sterile atmosphere, offers maximum security and ensures that the properties of the formula are perfectly preserved over time.

Active Ingredients: Enriched marine collagen, Chronosmart peptide, Peptide complex, Nicotinamide

Benefits of Chronosmart peptide®

– detects skin needs at all times

– synchronizing skin cell biorhythms

– promoting skin’s self-protection during the day

– increases skin’s ability to repair and renew itself at night

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops of product in the morning and evening on completely cleansed skin. During the day, follow with moisturiser, or anti-again cream, and sunblock.


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