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OBAGI C-Cleansing Gel with Vitamin C

Cleanser. Hyperpigmentation.

Obagi C Cleansing Gel contains L-ascorbic acid that will defend against environmental free radical damage and at the same time promote collagen production. L-ascorbic acid will also help to diminish pigmentation. The cleansing formula targets dirt deep in pores leaving your skin feeling refreshed and with a healthy glow.

Size: 177 ml


How to use
Apply a dime-size amount to damp face and neck with moistened fingertips. Rub in a circular motion and rinse completely with lukewarm water.

Features & Benefits
Wash your way to an evenly toned complexion with Obagi-C Cleansing Gel. Loaded with vitamin C, this lathering face wash lightens signs of aging and sun damage while extracting dirt, excess oil and makeup from deep within pores. Soothing aloe vera ensures a refreshing clean sensation that never leaves skin feeling dry or tight. Subsequent products penetrate deeper to maximize results.

Key Ingredients:

L-ascorbic acid

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice which calms and moisturises the skin.

Purified Water​,​ Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids​,​ Cocamidopropyl Betaine​,​ Sodium Laureth Sulfate​,​ L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)​,​ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice​,​ Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Extract​,​ Borago Officinalis (Borage) Extract​,​ Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract​,​ Sodium Chloride​,​ Saponins​,​ Xanthan Gum​,​ Phenoxyethanol​,​ Methylparaben​,​ Ethylparaben​,​ Butylparaben​,​ Propylparaben​,​ Isobutylparaben​,​ Glycerin​,​ Fragrance​.


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